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Hardwood Floor Care Guide

Congratulations on your new hardwood flooring or the new finish on your existing hardwood! We have gathered some information that we feel will be helpful in keeping it looking great.

Wood floors, when properly finished, are among the easiest to keep clean

Protect their warmth and character with simple, routine cleaning

Use the following suggestions for regular care of your hardwood floor:

  1. Routine sweeping with a fine broom or using a cotton dust mop works effectively to trap dust and grit.
  2. Canister vacuums with special bare floor attachments are the surest way to get rid of all the dirt and dust. Never use a vacuum with a beater brush on it as this can cause dents in the floor.
  3. Liquid cleaners can be used as a spot cleaning or on the entire floor as needed base on your lifestyle. We highly recommend that you use a cleaner from the manufacturer of the floor or finish when available. They have formulated these cleaners to be compatible with their finishes.
  4. Wood floors are not to be “mopped” in the traditional fashion of vinyl or linoleum floors. Excess water sitting on the finish can damage the finish or wood. Instead, just keep the grit off the floor and spot clean spills with a “damp” microfiber cleaning pad.
  5. The use of waxes and polishes on your floor is NOT recommended. They may not be compatible with the finish and could create a problem in the future. Instead if your floor is showing wear it may be time to apply a new coat of finish that is compatible with the finish on your floor. (See “Is it time for a new coat of finish on your floor?” at the end of this document.)

Preventing damage to your hardwood floor finish will help protect the wood and keep your floors looking their best for the longest time possible.

Dirt and Grit: Dust, dirt, grit, and sand are tough on hardwood floors. They act like sandpaper on the finish, causing scratches, dents, and dulling the finish. Place floor mats at entrances to trap dirt and prevent damage.

Rugs: Move rugs a couple of inches every few months to avoid a stark line, as the color of the flooring will be different under the rugs then it is where exposed to ultraviolet rays. When rugs are moved off the flooring and not put back the color will “catch up” to the floor color around them with time.

Sunlight: Direct sunlight will often bleach or lighten most domestic woods and darken many of the exotic species. This in extreme cases is only aesthetics.

Water and other spills: Standing water can eventually penetrate the finish and warp a hardwood floor and cause the wood to blacken over extended and repeated exposure. Simply wipe up all spills as they happen. Water on a wax finish can cause the finish to turn white.

Floor Cleaners: Avoid oil soaps or any product that leaves a residue. They can build up and dull the finish also creating potential problems when it’s time to put a maintenance coat on the floor. Instead, neutral pH cleaners made by finish or floor manufacturer and made specifically for wood floors are recommended. Remember to wring your rag or mop out very well before washing the floor, it should only be damp to the touch and follow behind with a dry cloth. Never use liquid on wax finish.

Furniture: Lift the furniture and move it; avoid dragging. Felt contacts under legs will help prevent scratches. Never roll or slide a refrigerator or other heavy items without hard surface protection. It is suggested that you cover your floor with ¼” thick panel material and then move heavy objects on that. The panel material will distribute the weight over a greater area and help to prevent dents.

Pets: Care should be taken to keep pet claws trimmed so as not to mar the floor as they can be very sharp and penetrate the finish. Any urination or defecation on the floor should be immediately wiped up to prevent discoloration. When repeated in the same area it can cause the flooring to be damaged beyond repair.

Humidity: A consistent humidity level in the area where the hardwood is will keep your floors healthy. A range of 35-50% humidity is recommended. Climate control with the use of added humidity or dehumidification may be needed to maintain this consistent level.

Wood floors that have lost their sheen or show significant wear can be restored to their original beauty. Screening and recoating is a simple, cost effective way to maintain your wood floor. Our team of professionals come in and screen (scuff sand) the top layer of finish and apply a new coat of finish. This quick process is a great way to revitalize your wood floor. If your floor is more significantly worn a full sanding may be necessary. In this case our professional team will come in and machine sand the floor, removing all the old finish and exposing the wood. Several coats of finish are then applied to make your floor look new again. Our goal is to help you achieve the quality and look you want your floor to have. Call Custom Installations today at 320-327-2300 to get a quote on screening or sanding your floor.

Wood floors are a natural product and depending on the species of wood they can show damage like this despite your best efforts. Accidents can happen. If you have a floor that has been accidently damaged depending on the construction of the flooring it can often be remedied by a board replacement or refinishing. Custom Installations as your flooring professionals can advise you on the best course of action to repair the damage.

Hardwood flooring is sensitive to the humidity conditions in your home. If your floor is doing something like either of these situations there is an issue with moisture levels in and around the hardwood. Perhaps a dishwasher or refrigerator has been leaking without your knowledge? Or the humidity level in your home is too low for a healthy floor? Call Custom Installations for assistance with diagnosis of what is happening to your floor. We are here to assist you.

ENJOY your new floors and THANK YOU for your business!!!

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